This bracelet design is something I came up with, the chopped bangle idea has been out there, but I've never seen the banded twisted wire used in this manner.

Copper is purported to have healing properties and is added to silver and gold for strength, and also used with zinc or tin to make bronze and brass, all wires that can be used in the making of these bangles (although any made with silver, gold filled or gold will have to be at a price based on market cost, and therefore a custom order). The strength of the banded copper/brass/bronze holds the original shape but is also soft enough to slightly adjust to the wrist once on and warmed by the skin. This is jewelry wire and has been treated before being sold. I've had some for 10 years with barely any tarnishing and that was easily removed with lemon juice and salt.  Although the design has texture it is smooth against the skin, although it rarely touches the skin due to the clay lifting it about a 1/4 inch up from the surface. The polymer clay is protected with a tough coat of acrylic varnish.

I secure the ends of the wire with a bend before encasing them and it's a very durable and extremely lightweight piece. I'm very pleased with the clean design and that I can guarantee a solid and careful workmanship on each and every piece.  

No two bangles will be exactly alike, although I will have some similar designs. I will be making them in 3 sizes:

Small will fit a 6 inch round wrist

Medium will fit a 7 inch round wrist

Large will fit a 8 inch round wrist

I am large boned and wear the  medium size, it's loose enough to move from side to side, but not turn around, as the shape is oval in design. The center piece has stayed dead center on my wrist no matter what I do. If you see a design you like that is not your size then drop me an email...although I can not exactly duplicate any design I can make a very similar one in regards to style, shape, texture and color.