Each Jammins'© character came from some outside inspiration. I thought it would be nice to keep a record of each piece explaining the concept and what some of the props and visualizations represent to the artist. Be sure to check out new additions on the following pages. 

I hope you enjoy!

Sue Choppers-Wife and the Jammins'© gang

  The Joy of Music

This was my first Jammins'© piece...he sort of evolved on his own. But once I saw his face I knew that it somehow reminded me of a Gospel singer and I wanted to capture that hands in the air while singing joyously effect. I kept this piece for myself on my puter desk and the angle I see it from is a little more eye level...the funniest thing is that when my eyes fall on it I want to turn my iMusic player on and get jammin' myself! 



 Lotus Position

This piece was inspired by (and for...shhh, don't tell til Christmas) my friend Mary. Mary worked for a greenhouse a few years ago and got the bug. She lives in Fairbanks where the sun shines all summer and her flowers grow mighty big and fine. Pink is her favorite color but I'm personally not a pink type girl (black for me thank you very much). I couldn't bring myself to go full out pink so went for a more pinkish purple. The position of the Jammins'© character is a play on the title and yoga.

  Leap Frog

This piece is my favorite to date...I love them all but I really like the playfulness here. This piece was inspired by my friend CJ in Australia. She and I have been online artist friends for years, we share a cuppa cyber coffee almost every day. In fact this piece just arrived at her home as a housewarming present yesterday (September 4, 2008). Lucky her lives in a tropical (if very rainy) paradise full of exotic critters, but the creature that pops up most in our conversations is the little frog. They seem to pop in all the time...sometimes flung from her roof whirley gig, sometimes taking up residence in the strangest places (her toilet bowl!!!!!!) I love her stories and wanted to do something fun for a housewarming gift. This is the picture that popped in my head. I'm sure it's not an original idea but I've yet to find any artwork online that uses this concept, though there's nothing under the sun that's new these days when it comes to creative ideas I think. So for now at least, it's the only one like it in the universe and it lives in Oz. :D 

 Mellow Cello

This piece was made specially for my mother, who at a very young 85 is still playing her cello in concerts. When she brought up the idea of my doing a cello I was a bit aghast....such a detailed thing and not something you can fake when someone has the real thing. Mellow Cello is a play on the old song Mellow Yellow...so this is the first piece of my rock & roll series.  I made the hands overly large on purpose...to me the hands that play are just as important as the instrument. And I did the cello and bow to scale with each other...I guess they use horsehair these days but I used sinew for the bow like they did in baroque times. I can't say I knew the exact position a cellist uses so referred to a photo of Yo Yo Man (yo....sorry!)

 Blue Moon

This is the second piece for my Rock and Roll series. A photo doesn't quite capture the illusive moon glow appearance of this piece. The way I work is to come up with a title...there's a million titles but not all give me a certain picture in my mind. The song choice came about because of my sort-of-adopted daughter, Jen. She's a moonchild if there ever was one. I've never seen anyone so affected by moon phases in my life. Jen just recently lost her ex-husband and has been very blue since. This piece will go to her for Christmas, (my next piece will be the first that will actually be available for a new home to someone I don't know) and I hope it won't put her into tears as soon as she sees it.

There's a bit of symbolism with this piece...the moon is hollow and has a hemitite stone ball inside it that will rattle when shaken. Hematite is supposed to have a calming effect and I like to add a touch of the unexpected. The body position is my homage to Hamlet. We all know the scene where he holds his father's skull aloft...and for some reason every actor I've ever seen gets into an exaggerated position for this scene, a bit stiff and pose-y. And I put a stylized face on the moon because Jen and I always talk about that shadowy face effect the moon sometimes gets...we say it's looking down on both of us as we speak.