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Margaret Bartlett (snoball)
by Margaret Bartlett (snoball) on 
Sue! Had an enjoyable time going through your site. I still love the little Jammins characters. Like your sculpted jewelry too.
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Thanks, Doug
by Sue Choppers-Wife on 

You're more than welcome to come by anytime for a rematch :)

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Doug Ransom
by Doug Ransom on 
I think this is great stuff,Thanks for letting me play pool with you and chopper (mike jonsons friend with the orange bagger) Doug
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Thank you, Natasha
by Sue Choppers-Wife on 

that is my self portrait, it's so kind of you to comment on it!

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Hey Julie,
by Sue Choppers-Wife on 

great to hear from you! Just wrote you back, hope to hear from you soon :)

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Natasha Sazonova
by Natasha Sazonova on 
Very nice portrait of a woman against orange background. I just love her facial expression. Good job!!! :)
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From Julie
by J Starr on 

So maybe you should do some little lizard-y things, too, or, I know! A sun spider like the one I saw on my front porch the other evening!  I moved-  to Sierra Vista Arizona!  It doesn't rain here.  Much, anyway.  There are lots of lizards, precious few frogs.  Email me cause I sent to you and it was returned- maybe I did something wrong.
huuuggggggs &


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Thank you, Shauna!
by Sue Choppers-Wife on 

Thank you so very much, Shauna! I just received your order and am packing it up right now :) 
I love getting feedback like this (don't tell, but when someone loves your work it's really the best thing about creating)! 
I see that you found me via my husband's Harley site, which explains the 'sheep' part of your comment lol...would love to hear about that Harley you mention as your interests when you registered here (oh yeah, and your guy too teehee), so sending you a message through there.
Thanks again and I hope you love your bracelet!
Sue/Nine Dragons Sculpture Art

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by shauna56 on 

I cant tell you enough how much I apprecite originality like yours!!!

I moved out to Pennsylvania from Idaho almost 9 yrs ago now, I am telling you...SHEEP! To explain in one word, how the people are out here. It is very hard to find one of a kind anything out here. Thank You so much! I ordred a bangle and going to have my daughter look at your website and see what she might want...LOL

 Thank You again!


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by Delight on 

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