Sculpture Art Pendants

Sculpture Art Pendants are miniaturized 3D sculptures framed inside a geometrical shape. They can be worn as jewelry , hung on a wall or put in a shadow box for display. Despite the tiny size of the artwork they are as durable as any quality piece of wearable jewelry. I designed the trapeze style frames so that the sculpture could stay in place without twisting or turning upside down. I reinforce any small appendages with 20 gauge wire, the same size I use for wire hoops (either sterling silver or 24k gold filled). They are light weight, weighing much less than a mid-size chunk of stone, are acrylic varnished and will hold up to wear. I also use extra holding tabs on the backside where the sculpture and frame meet and have imbedded a barely perceptible maker mark there. I've made the loop a larger size so that it can be hung on any chain or loop of your choice.

Each piece is a one off piece of sculpture, so you are guaranteed to have a unique piece of artwork. Overall size will be in the 2 to 3 inch range with the focal sculpture around 1 to 1 1/2 inch.  Hope you enjoy!