Welcome to my Jammins'© sculpture gallery.

I was first inspired to try sculpting miniatures when I discovered the wonderful world of Netsuke  . I didn't especially want to become a Netsuke artist per se, but I wanted to find the sometimes whimsical basis that underlies this wonderful art form, and somehow incorporate it into my own work.  

The very first day that I sat down with my clay my first Jammins' character was born. He had human attributes but didn't follow the rules of anatomy, he sort of had a smooth flow to his being and personality plus. I've come to believe the Jammins' characters are a manifestation of our inner child. Each sculpture captures a moment of their of their joyous being, so that when we see them having so much fun, we too can just let go and play along with them in our own minds.

Jammins' are wild childs...they love rock and roll and see it from a unique perspective. They like to act out the feelings associated with different songs; sometimes it's a wild rollercoaster ride, other times its more contemplative. But the best thing about Jammins' is that they're on a different plane than we are...they enjoy every moment of life, there is no sadness, there is no end.

Only joy of being.

I hope you enjoy them!

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