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This is what is currently on my easel, I hope you'll enjoy following along as it progresses.





this is a poorly lit night photo of a grisaille I'm working as an A&A project challenge. This is just the drawing done over a lightly toned background in pencil and charcoal. The values will change quite a bit as I work on it. 14 x18 inches on canvas. Should be updating this in the next couple days :)





I had to stop when I ran out of daylight, still haven't got the lips/chin/upper jaw area right yet. Rather than pre-mix all the gray values I've just been mixing on lets me blend the transitions, keeping it soft.




Worked on getting the likeness closer before going on...I can come back and make little changes after it's all done and dried.


. I found the original ref (with permissions to use for artwork) on another art site. The photo was in full color and oriented the opposite direction. So changed it up some and played with levels to make it interesting. Here's the ref I'm using...a lighter version was uploaded for the project



and a close up...





Today I darkened the background by one-two values, theres a slight bit of variation that doesn't show up in the photos but looks pretty good in RL. I went back in and pushed my darks and lights a little.



If you don't mind waiting for a slow load and doing a little scrolling, here is a much larger version.





Got the hair blocked in and did a few refinements to the face. Haven't touched the pearls yet, will wait til the rest of the body is blocked in.



inserting a night time pic after a few adjustments here...the values are pretty accurate in this one...



Well, filled in the body area, still leaving the pearls alone. Unsure yet whether I should wait until I do the color stage, if not want this to dry first. Could not stop messing with the face...much closer now in correct values. I turned both photo and painting upside down and was real pleased, but did need a touch more lightening in the forehead area...subtle but it helped.


Lots of subtle changes between this afternoon and tonight.



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