My up to date work in progress record of my artwork from oil paintings to miniature polymer clay sculpture. Hope you enjoy...all comments appreciated :)

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check it out
by Sue Choppers-Wife on 

Happy Halloween !!!

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by Sue Choppers-Wife on 


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moving blog to single place
by Sue Choppers-Wife on 

 Hey, it's been a bit tough keeping up two blog sites on a daily basis, so I'm going to combine this one with Art Ravings  starting tomorrow. I'll leave this one here as an archive though, and I will use permalinks to connect to any WIPs I have going on here. There is an RSS feed on the Art Ravings page too, so you can subscribe if you want to know if I've posted anything new.  

I'll put up a quick link post tomorrow for those coming to this page for the first time. I've loved having you all follow along and hope you'll not mind coming to the new blog site. :)

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some new stuff
by Sue Choppers-Wife on 

Played around today because my back is out, didn't want to mess up another sculpt. Here's some misc. beads, earrings and pendants I did.

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What a day
by Sue Choppers-Wife on 

 Some days nothing will work right for you...this was one of those days for me. I'd done up a very cool pendant frame last night, thinking I'd reinforced it well. It seemed ok when I handled it, and it stood up for 3/4 of a sculpt, and then just a little too much pressure in the wrong spot broke the whole thing apart. It's better it happened now,  rather than later, but the last part of the sculpt would have reinforced it enough that it couldn't have come apart. So I lost the whole sculpt too, but luckily can reuse the clay. Still, no fun wasting all that time for nothing except hard experience lol

I also had done a nice twist wire from some gold fill square wire, but realized that the gold is softer than the silver, even though it's the same gauge, so won't be able to use that wire unless I double twist two wires together. 

I also stuck my finger pretty good with my razor knife in the middle of all this. 

I did salvage part of the frame and incorporate it into a new silver frame, that's in the oven now. But I think I'll wait until tomorrow to start another sculpture on it, no telling what disaster will occur if I push my luck any further. 

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